5 cars from the Fast & Furious franchise, now immortalised by Jada
17 Aug

5 cars from the Fast & Furious franchise, now immortalised by Jada

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 5 cars from the Fast & Furious franchise, now immortalised by Jada


Jada diecast cars may come in many different shapes, forms and scales, but if there’s one franchise in particular that the brand has become strongly associated with in recent years, it is surely The Fast and the Furious. The cars from these hit action films have been transformed into diecast models since Jada added the franchise to its line-up in 2014.


But which are the ones that we would especially suggest you look out for in our range here at The Modelstore, and what are the stories behind them in the movies?


Dom’s 1970 Plymouth Road Runner


The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner features heavily throughout the Fast & Furious films, with one especially ill-fated example being the one that Dominic Toretto crashes into Deckard Shaw’s Maserati in Furious 7. Thankfully, it’s depicted in pristine form in the Jada diecast cars range.


Letty’s green Dodge Challenger


One of the most instantly recognisable vehicles from Furious 7 is the Dodge Challenger SRT driven by Letty Ortiz. She customises the stock green car with black paint, handlebars and a spoiler, along with a parachute and a harpoon installed on the roof. In its subsequent mission, the Dodge saves Brian O’Conner’s life when Letty drifts it at the edge of a cliff from which he is on the verge of plummeting, and he manages to grab the spoiler.


Brian’s blue 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34


On the subject of Brian, one can scarcely forget the 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 that he piloted in the fourth film of the series, Fast & Furious, and which he acquired via the FBI database. He later uses it to smuggle drugs under the border from Mexico, although it is destroyed when the NOS tank in Dom’s Chevrolet Chevelle SS explodes, setting both cars on fire.


The Lykan HyperSport


This Lebanese sports car is so rare in real life that only seven examples were built, although you can have one (of sorts!) with a little help from Jada. It appears in Furious 7 as a supercar in the possession of an Abu Dhabi billionaire prince, also containing a computer chip housing the God’s Eye program. While Brian and Dom manage to retrieve the chip, they end up destroying the car in their efforts to escape.


Suki’s Honda S2000


As stereotypically feminine as the pink hue of this roadster may be, it proves an indispensable enough vehicle for Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious, in which she makes a memorable jump across a drawbridge to return to the starting line of a race hosted by Tej Parker. The car later featured in the music videos “Stupid Girls” by Pink, and “Act a Fool” by Ludacris.


Browse our complete range of Jada diecast cars here at The Modelstore today, and you’ll be able to discover so many more classic vehicles from the Fast and the Furious series, turned into model form in the most memorable style. Why wait any longer to start your collection?  




















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