Make all manner of distinguished military aircraft your own, by purchasing Aviation 72 diecast models
14 Sep

Make all manner of distinguished military aircraft your own, by purchasing Aviation 72 diecast models

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 Attempt, if you can, to identify what the following legendary airplanes and helicopters have in common: the de Havilland Tiger Moth, Saab Viggen, Westland Gazelle, Folland Gnat, Hawker Sea Hawk...


If you’re thinking you’re reading a roll-call of many of the greatest military aircraft to have ever flown, you would be quite right. There is, however, something else that unites them: they’ve all been immortalised by one of the most welcome new brands to have emerged in the world of aircraft diecast models in recent years.


To be even more specific, these fabled examples of military aircraft all appear in the latest 2018 catalogue of the Aviation 72 brand, in faithfully replicated 1/72 scale.


What makes Aviation 72 such a special addition to the diecast modelling scene?


Aviation 72 diecast models are fully assembled metal replicas made on a limited-edition basis, each incorporating authentic detailing, a fixed undercarriage and stand. The brand released its first models in autumn 2012, and has gone from strength to strength since then.


There are many things that make Aviation 72 diecast models so special, including their extreme level of detail, right down to opening cockpits, optional-position landing gear, realistic panel lines, access panels and antennas.


In short, you really will feel like you have a miniature version of the aircraft in question at your home – and when you purchase yours from The Modelstore, you can look forward to great prices as well as free delivery, the latter provided on all orders with us worth more than £10.


When it comes to all things aircraft models, we’re the ultimate online store


Browse our current stock of Aviation 72 diecast models, and you’ll find every legend of the skies on offer in intricate 1/72 form, also encompassing the likes of the Panavia Tornado F3, de Havilland Sea Vixen, Scottish Aviation Bulldog, Short Tucano and Gloster Javelin.


Plus, with all manner of other respected aircraft modelling brands such as Airfix represented in our store, you really are utterly spoilt as a collector of such models in both plastic and diecast form when you place your trust in The Modelstore.


We serve every enthusiast of aircraft models, from novices to the most experienced collectors. So why not help yourself to a few of our presently available items for as long as they last, in the process making a few of your childhood aviation dreams come true?  


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